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If you suffer from a food allergy or intolerance please let your waiter know upon placing your order and we will take every measure to accommodate you. Our waiter will be delighted to help you!

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GF = Gluten Free | V = Vegetarian | Ve = Vegan | * = Can be made GF/VE/V

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To Start and Share!

Brie Parcels V £6.00
with cranberry relish
Halloumi Fries V £6.00
with Homemade sweet chilli sauce
Burrata V £6.00
With cherry tomatoes drizzled in balsamic
Chilli Squid  £6.00
Dip in homemade chilli sauce
Meatballs  £6.00
In a rich tomato and basil sauce
Grilled Avocado & roasted red peppers Ve  £6.00
Harissa sauce and Greek yogurt
Alpine Cheese Board V £15.00

Brie Parcels, Halloumi Fries, Burrata,

homemade cranberry relish, pesto & harissa sauce

Italian Charcuterie Board  £15.00

Salami Milanese, Bresaola, Mortadella, marinated Olives,

grapes, gorgonzola blue cheese, burrata, salted Crackers,

homemade honey lemon and balsamic dressing

Vegan Sharing Board Ve £15.00

Two whole peppers, king oyster mushrooms,

artichoke, crispy kale and cherry tomatoes sautéed in vegetable butter emulsion.

Dirty Fries £5.00
Topped with diced chorizo, melted parmesan and roasted red peppers
Cheesy Garlic Bread V £5.00
With rustic dough

Fresh Pasta

Meatball £12.00
Fresh tagliatelle pasta with a rich basil tomato sauce
Arrabbiata V £11.50
Fresh tagliatelle pasta Arrabbiata sauce
Seafood £12.50
Fresh tagliatelle pasta clams, mussel and prawns in with or red sauce
Carbonara  £12.00
Fresh tagliatelle with Pancetta & carbonara sauce


Burrata V £12.00
Mixed cherry tomatoes and house dressing  
Chicken Caesar £12.00
Grilled Chicken breast escalope, mix salad leaves, parmesan shaves & Caesar Dressing  
Plain Caesar Salad V £10.00
mix salad leaves, parmesan shaves & Caesar Dressing  
Seafood Salad £12.50
Red Leaf Mix, blanched clams and prawns marinated in lime juice and coriander  


Sirloin Steak £22.50
With chips, grilled cherry in vine tomatoes and homemade peppercorn sauce
Salmon £18.00
Garnished with moussed avocado cream garnished with grilled veggies & baby potatoes
Chicken £18.00
Whole baby chicken, rainbow carrots with grain mustard sauce & baby potatoes
Vegan Steak V £15.00
Grilled cauliflower steak with roasted vegetables
Lodge burger £15.00
160g beef pate, homemade sun-dried tomatoes relish, Baby gem, sliced tomatoes, gherkins and American cheese sliced
Vegan Fritter Burger Ve £15.00
130g homemade fitter pate, avocado cream, lettuce, red onions

Pizza £12.50

Fresh Truffle & Pancetta
mozzarella, honey
mozzarella, rocket, parmesan
mozzarella, pistachio cream, pistachio crumbles and burrata cheese
mozzarella, ham pineapple
Meat Feast
all the meats
El Diablo
chorizo, mozzarella
with mozzarella and salami
Papa Pepper Ve
mushrooms and mozzarella
clams, mussel and prawns
Margherita Ve
mozzarella, tomato
Quattro Formaggi V
four of our house cheeses

Desert £6.00

Avocado Mousse
Salted Caramel & Nutella Churros